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About Seekh

What is the project about?

SEEKH is a Web Series based on the principles given by Lord Swaminarayan through various texts such as Shikshpatri, Vachnamrut etc. and lessons he had given during his time on earth. We have took his teachings and simplified it in the most relatable way for our audience.

This project is for everyone whether you follow Swaminarayanism or not , you can definitely benefit from this and learn how to live life at your best!

The project is undertaken by Shree Swaminarayan Temple Kalupur under the guidance of HH 108 Bhavi Acharya Shri Vrajendra Prasadji Maharaj.

Where will the donations go?

All of your proceeds go directly towards funding the project to Shree NarNarayan Temple Trust Kalupur , Ahmedabad.